Dry fertilizer storage and blending facility

Storage and Blending Facilities for Dry Fertilizer

Proven solutions from a world leader

Dome Corporation has designed, engineered and constructed some of the best and most modern dry fertilizer storage and blending facilities in operation today. From single-product storage domes to massive fertilizer-blending plants, no project is too small or too large for Dome.

Fertilizer storage complex Fertilizer blending facility

Fertilizer storage and blending buildings designed with your needs in mind

Dome Corporation’s patented domes and barrel buildings and “High & Dry” clear-span trussed buildings are ideal for storing and blending granular fertilizers and fertilizer chemicals, including potash, urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium sulfate, MAP, DAP, MESZ, micronutrients and more. With their strong, support-free clear-span construction; prefabricated components; and outstanding corrosion resistance, our fertilizer storage buildings and fertilizer handling systems are designed from the top down to deliver the perfect blend of:

  • Quality control
  • Fast, efficient, low-cost construction
  • Long life and low maintenance
  • Reliable protection from the elements
  • Optimal storage capacity
  • Easy, efficient loading and unloading
  • Environmental safeguards
  • Adaptability for single or multiple materials

No matter what size or type of fertilizer storage or blending building you need … or what kind of fertilizer handling equipment you require … Dome Corporation can deliver a solution that will help you:

  • Protect your fertilizer investment
  • Cut your construction, maintenance and operating costs
  • Prevent leaching and environmental contamination


CHS fertilizer blending building

Fertilizer Blending Facility
CHS, Inc.
Glyndon, Minnesota

Attractive and well-engineered

“The new fertilizer blending building Dome Corporation built for us is a great addition to our facility. Not only is this building very attractive and well-engineered, it also is very functional for our needs. The crew that erected this building was highly experienced and offered ideas to make the building even more desirable for our operations. This building absolutely will stand the test of time.”
– Bob Nelson, Manager