Dry bulk materials storage terminal

Storage Facilities for Industrial Bulk Solids

If you can pile it, we can protect it

Rock salt, sand, raw sugar, powdered cement, grain, petcoke, coal, powdered chemicals, crushed stone, powdered metals, plastic pellets – no matter what kind of bulk solids you need to store, Dome Corporation can provide the ideal solution.

Wirt Stone DockDry bulk storage barrel building interior

Bulk solids storage buildings designed with your needs in mind

Although we made our name as a manufacturer of storage domes for road-deicing salt and sand, it wasn’t long before agriculture, manufacturing, mining and industry discovered that our patented domes and barrel buildings and “High & Dry” clear-span trussed buildings were ideally suited to their needs as well. With their strong, support-free clear-span construction; prefabricated components; and outstanding corrosion resistance, our bulk solids storage buildings and handling systems are designed from the top down to deliver the ultimate in:

  • Quality control
  • Fast, efficient, low-cost construction
  • Long life and low maintenance
  • Reliable protection from the elements
  • Optimal storage capacity
  • Easy, efficient loading and unloading
  • Environmental safeguards
  • Adaptability for single or multiple materials 

No matter what size or type of storage building you need … or what type of material handling equipment you require … Dome Corporation can provide a solution that will help you:

  • Protect your material investment
  • Cut your construction, maintenance and operating costs
  • Prevent leaching and environmental contamination

Kinder Morgan Amory Terminal
Amory, Mississippi

Building a better ‘sandbox’

Built to house specialized industrial sands imported from South America, this terminal features seven domes designed and manufactured by Dome Corporation. Each dome holds a different grade of product. Shipments are received from barges and loaded out to truck or rail. Total storage capacity is 71,650 tons.